Domestic Relations, Family Law & Mediation

A highly contentious divorce can have a devastating and lasting effect on the entire family. Our experienced family law team of domestic relations lawyers, divorce attorneys and mediators knows that better than most. That is why they focus their skills and experience to minimize conflict, and to counsel and support each client through this life-changing process.

Our domestic relations attorneys in Pittsfield & Great Barrington MA are not only well versed in family law, they understand the financial aspects of divorce and the essential planning that is required. We have close relationships with a variety of professionals, such as accountants, financial planners and business appraisers, who will lend their expertise in educating, assisting and planning for the future.

Our attorneys serve clients in all aspects of domestic relations, including:

  • Negotiating and drafting prenuptial and marital settlement agreements
  • Representing clients in actions for divorce, custody and the modification and enforcement of Probate and Family Court judgments
  • Representing clients in other family law matters, such as guardianships, conservatorships and adoption

In addition to traditional divorce and family law services, we offer dispute resolution through divorce mediation and conciliation.  Attorney Diane DeGiacomo serves as a mediator, guiding, facilitating, and empowering parties to reach fair resolutions without the need for expensive and adversarial litigation. Using her 30 years’ experience as a trial attorney in the Probate and Family Court, Diane is able to offer unique insight to assist clients in reaching agreement in many difficult situations.

To speak with our Domestic Relations Lawyers, Divorce Attorneys and Mediators, call (413) 443-4771, or contact us.


Diane DeGiacomo, Pittsfield MA
Dennis LaRochelle, Great Barrington MA