Jared Kelly, litigator and business lawyer, joins Cain Hibbard

jared-kelly2Cain Hibbard is pleased to announce that Jared T. Kelly, Esq. has joined the firm.  A native of California, Jared began his litigation career in Massachusetts in 2007. Since that time, Jared has practiced at two leading international law firms, where he handled complex litigation matters in a variety of areas, including contract, tort, securities, and intellectual property. In 2011, Jared became a Deputy District Attorney in California where he successfully tried several misdemeanor and felony cases.

Jared was educated in Canada, securing his Bachelor of Science from McGill University and his legal degree from the University of Toronto. At McGill, Jared conducted research in the field of neuroscience and psychology, publishing two papers on the neurological underpinnings of nicotine craving. In law school, Jared led several international human rights endeavors, including producing documentary films in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe and assisting the prosecutor for the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Jared has a varied practice whose work spans  intellectual property, employment law, health law, and domestic relations.  Jared is a member of the firm’s litigation group, with experience in state and federal courts, as well as governmental tribunals.

Outside of work, Jared enjoys getting involved in community and environmental initiatives. He currently serves on the board of a non-profit organization running summer camps for urban youth. Jared is an avid traveler, having visited over 50 countries. Before the birth of his son, he and his wife completed a six-month overland trip from Western Europe to Southern China, re-tracing the Silk Road through Central Asia.

Jared will be based in the firm’s Pittsfield office.  He can be reached at [email protected] (DD 413 629 1327